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Stucco Work
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C.C.A. Wall Systems, Inc.
There are several different textures and countless variations of each. Here are a few of the most common ones.
Skip trowel; a rough texture that can have many different patterns such as horizontal /  straight up, sideways, checkerboard. There are heavy skip trowel textures popular in the 60s and 70s and finer ones more popular today, sometimes referred to as lace or Spanish lace.
What C.C.A. calls mission, is a rough smooth type finish with an Adobe kind of look.
Smooth coat; unless done with a synthetic material is very vulnerable to cracking.
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C. C. A. has done many custom textures.
Sand finish: a very popular texture characterized by sand on the surface, looks a little bit like rough sandpaper. Fine to rough, achieved by using different size sands. Synthetic versions are characterized by pin holes all over.
Dash: looks similar to a heavy rough sand finish but is a machined applied finish achieved by spraying stucco onto the wall.
Cat Face; a simi-smooth finish with voids (holes) in the finish coat.